What Makes For the Best Toilet Possible?

Isn’t a toilet just a simple fixture that lets you flush away waste? It is, but the best rated toilets have some unique features that make them just a little bit better than the rest. You can save water on every flush with the modern toilet, yet still get a clean bowl afterward. You’ll want to look for a comfortable seat that isn’t too high or too low. Check the toilet reviews to see which toilets are the easiest to install or have the most compact design too so you can make sure your new toilet can fit in the space you have. That way you’ll make sure to have the best toilet possible!

What Are the Benefits of Having the Right Toilet?

The obvious benefit of having the right toilet installed in your home is that you’ll be able to flush all of your waste away. Some homes require a certain level of pumping power that can limit the ability of some toilets to work because they just don’t meet the vertical pumping requirements. That can be a serious problem!

The best toilets will also help you conserve a lot of water with every flush, yet not leave any residue or paper behind. You can find dual flush toilets that will eliminate liquid waste for less than 1 gallon of water per flush, which is a tremendous environmental savings! You can even go off the grid today and get a composting toilet if you wish. Either way, you’ll be getting a toilet that can completely meet your needs.

The final benefit you’ll receive is comfort. A good toilet should be comfortable enough that you won’t feel a bunch of skin impressions on your legs after you go because the seat digs into your skin. It should have noise reduction technology incorporated in some way as well so you don’t have to announce to the world that you’ve just successfully used the toilet!

What Are the Common Problems of Bad Toilets?

The most common problem that people have today with their toilets is a lack of flushing power. Although the standard design is now just 1.6 gallons per flush, many homes are equipped with the 3.5 gallons per flush predecessors. That’s a big difference! We have a specific page that covers the best flushing toilets available, if that’s the specific type of toilet you’re looking for.

Modern toilets also have more working parts in order to create a higher level of water movement within the bowl. This means you can have a cleaner experience with less water, but more parts are available that can break down over time. This increases maintenance costs, even on premium priced units.

Today’s toilets also have a lot of automatic parts, especially on upper end models. Automatic flushing, lid lifting, and other operational options can all become problematic in specific home environments, making it difficult to have a good toileting experience. That’s why it is so important to look for the best toilets available today. You’ll avoid the common problems altogether!

How Do You Find the Best Toilets Available Today?

It’s all about information. You’re going to need to know the type of toilet that your home can support or may be required of you by local building codes. You’re also going to need to know the specific details about what each toilet can or cannot do. That’s why our comprehensive reviews are such a helpful aspect to the shopping experience. You can quickly compare and contrast the fine details of each toilet you’re considering, including the prices, so that you can find the perfect toilet.

Maybe you just want a small toilet to complete a new half bathroom. Maybe you need to have a full-powered toilet to function as the primary fixture of your home. What you will want to do, if you can afford the feature anyway, is to shop for a dual flush toilet. You’ll be able to save about $100 per year on your water consumption with this kind of toilet installed, meaning you’ll pay for most toilets within 24-36 months.

You’ll also want to look for these key points to fit specific needs.

  • Do you need a one piece toilet or a two piece toilet?
  • Do you need a round bowl or an elongated bowl?
  • Do you need a toilet that does not have a tank?
  • Do you want to have a trip lever on the front of the tank or on the side?

When you take every consideration into account, you’ll be able to have a fantastic experience with today’s best rated toilets!

What Are the Basics of Toilet Plumbing?

The first measurement that you’ll need to take when thinking about the installation of a new toilet is what is called the “rough-in.” This is the distance that exists between your outlet pipe and the wall that’s behind your toilet. Most homes have a standard rough-in of 12 inches and that’s what you’ll find on most models today. Older homes, however, may have a 10 inch or a 14 inch rough-in depending on your location.

Here’s a pro tip: measure from the wall, not from an installed baseboard or wooden trim piece because that will affect your measurement.

The other consideration you need with a new toilet is the vent. Without the vent off of the toilet, you will be exposed to the sometimes dangerous gas that occur with sewage. Even a plugged vent will cause the gas to stay within the home and potentially cause backflow to occur. Don’t terminate the vent in your attic. Make sure it goes outside and is protected from weather and you’ll be able to have a good toilet installation experience.

What Are the Prices For Today’s Best Toilets?

If you’re shopping for toilets online, then you can expect a wide range of prices. There are some excellent economical options that are priced below $200 that will give you a long-term, basic functionality that your home may need. On the other end of the spectrum, there are premium toilets that cost more than $2,000, but will give you a fully automated, self-cleaning experience that dramatically reduces your weekly maintenance chores. The average price to expect for a brand new toilet, however, no matter the make or model, is about $400.

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